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nope, kill yourself

Tempting, meh.

keep on trying

Dat's da spirtrit! Let's do it! Hand in hand I will run with you to the horizon!

Stop animating.

Less competition.

oh kay

I say you stop animating

But that's not what you want to hear, you want everyone to tell you to animaet which you will do regardless.

I may stop. I have stopped. Thanks for the blunt truth.

I say you should keep at it. Practice makes perfect. :)

So they say. That's the most useful quote on the planet.

You should keep animating :) Keep doing the art school, and also keep drawing in flash, maybe even look at some tutorials on how to draw better in flash. Also, for plot you could take your time to write out a storyboard for your animations before you actually animate them, that way you can look at the whole thing to see if it flows together, and if not you can always make adjustments to it before you animate it :D

I am remembering you forever! I keep you in my heart and in my pants.

keep on trying. Maybe makin stuff move smoothly is just enough. One thing i have noticed is that most of the front-page, award winning animations are poorly drawn but either have humor or deepness. Having an idea is much more important than drawing good, so focus on that.

Plus, practice makes perfect man.

Front page, psh, who needs it? (I do!)

Hell, make some flashes. Kills some time and who cares if they don't pass the newground submissions. It's a hobby :)

Hobby, I need that word right now!

Do what you want to do.

Thank you, I will... Right... Right NOW!

Make an animation :O!

:O! k.

This is a true 15-year-old news post.

It indeed is! I am fifteen! Let's all talk about how predictable the world is.

Work with other people who can't animate, but have good art or writing. OR wait til you're older.

Nice! I like this brain storm session going on.

just say F It.

By F do you mean "fuck"? I approve.

Continue to animate, and get diagnosed with chronic depression.