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Not enough money for flash?

Posted by farfenwaffle - December 14th, 2009

Oh boy! Let's hear what Farfenwaffle has to say about free animation programs!

Let's start off with this, Flash generally surpasses all free animation programs. If you have the money check out the adobe site. About 700$ for the full version, and If you look hard enough you can find the student version for around 200$. You can even try flash out for free! Just press "try" on the flash page.

Now that we have that out of the way let's hear some ANIMATION SOFTWARES!
EZ toon
Finding that download like was like a wild goose chase! If anyone knows an official ez toon website please link me in the comments ;)
heres the newgrounds thread
This program is 100% frame-by-frame kinda stuff. It has onion skin (Although only one layer of it) It is only in black and white but it has the ability to color in with shades. It exports in animatedGIF
Pencil Animation Software
-download link-

A very nice program, It is vector based like flash it also has bitmap layers and has a very nice timeline. It supports sound also. While not as advanced as flash it still has a variety of tools. It also supports colors
Pivot Stick Figure Animator
-download 2.2.5-
-dowload 3.0-
Again, still no sign of a homepage of any sort.
newgrounds thread

This program is really great if you want to make a stick movie with little to no redrawing. It has a pretty good timeline and supports colors. Very simple animation program for beginners in animation. It is still suitable for vets too.

Helium Frog (stop motion)

While this is a stop motion animator, it is the best free one I have seen! It features simple chroma keying, a nice frame viewer( stuff like that is rare in stop motion programs), nice look, and tons of other stuff. I recomend this if you have a camera that hooks to your computer, or a webcam.


From what I remember, liveswif is an swf producing program. It is alot like flash in it's looks. Everything is alot like flash except the timeline is so so. At times the program can be hard for beginners. I recomend downloading it if you want to feel like your using flash.
Blender (3d animation)

A powerful 3d animator if you want to go throguh the trouble of learning it. It supports everything you would want in a 3d animation and model creator. Although The interface is really crazy. If you have some 3d experience already it would help.

More To come!
drop a comment if you have any other suggestions! keep on animating. Have a nice life


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