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farfenwaffle's News

Posted by farfenwaffle - August 18th, 2008

wooo! its a celebration! im a free man...wellfrom all those big collabs im still working behind the scenes on the farfen-cow collab 2 and im working with MEntertainment a little im also working on a few solo projects that youve probably never heard of lol...

Posted by farfenwaffle - August 9th, 2008

ever since i got banned from reviewing PERMANENTLY because i was younge and did some chain mail i cant bare it :'(. i have some realy nice and constructive things to say about some of those movies infact iv gone insane to such a level that i write the review anyway even tho im banned. thats one of the reasons i dont go on newgrounds much anymore. i just use it for collabs and a few other things nowadays.
so im here to say this: i cant write reviews but you (most likely) can! i want you to do me a favor and not be an asshole to everyone :( it makes me mad when somone writes a review to another person saying that they suck and wont even give constructive criticism. (i think its kinda irronic that i have a bronze whistle and im banned from reviewing lol).
i like to send reviews by pm sometimes :3 arent i silly? lol.


i made a silly little cartoon involving: broken radios, explosions,hitler,babys,lazers,flying cars and sticks :3 it kinda sucks so im not going to put it on newgrounds tho but if you wanna see it i put it on spam the web. http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/090808 /82613_random1.php?lightbox i hope you get a chuckle or something out of it :D well have fun everyone and enjoy the school year!

Posted by farfenwaffle - June 23rd, 2008

okay,as you can see i slaped together my recent dress-up game and got a horrible score! the only reason it got a bad score was becasue i put about 5 hours of work into it. im setting a goal to NEVER getting a submission under 3 again(unless its a group project i have no control of the score when i comes to those).in other words your going to get an even bigger gap between my submissions

Posted by farfenwaffle - June 17th, 2008

fafenwaffle, a music artist?
i dont know my music always seems to turn out terrible no matter what tune i make that gets stuck in my head.my music turns out so random but my music is repetative if it isint random...somone give me a hand. it took me a while before i understood what a bassline is and why its important... too bad i have to teach myself this kinda stuff :(

summer vacation WOOT
today was the last day of school for me and now that i forgot to give my phone number to most of my friends im going to be bored all summer :D that gives me lots of time to animate some shit for you!

the farfencrew
my main priority right now is to get some more attention to the farfencrew. we need to do more stuff for the internetz and stuff we have a forum now http://farfencrew.forumsland.com/farfe ncrew.html so sign up for it and give us a hand if you can do anything that will benifit us, such as voice acting,animating,music art or anything else just check it out.

video but not picture?wtf?!
i have found out that you can put in as many videos in one post as you want but you can only put in one picture per post. wtf is with that?! i mean pictures take up less space that videos so why have more videos that pictures?

legos! :D
haha i was looking through my garage and found a big fucking box full of legos :D this afternoon was spent making cars and ships and stuff with them. i havent played with legos since i was like 7 lol.its good to play with toys when your old especially if those toys happen to be LEGOS

procrastination is lots of fun :D
have you been wondering why i havent submitted anything for months? iv been lazy and school has tied up my schedule >:(. sorry im a lazy ass hole everyone i just cant have flash be my life :(

this might be be my longest news post yet lol

Posted by farfenwaffle - May 22nd, 2008

OMFG!!!!! I DONT HAVE TO LIE ABOUT MY AGE ANYMORE :DDDDD I WAS TWELVE YESTERDAY BUT NOW!!!!!!!im 13 i can belive it! now i can put my REAL age on lolllolololololololololololol soooooooo i guess thats awsome! i mean rly awsome! my party still isint here but im partying right now :D so who want cake? orrr somthing ill give you some lol not! no cake for you......soooo i got a bamboo fun tablet for my birthday and thats about all right now i bet my reletives in other states will give a shit about my birthday and mail me somthing.
i have a picture of the bamboo fun tablet right here my camera is broken so i cant take a picture of it but this is good anough :).

so in other news i got the farfencrew started and the best part is..... weve managed to get monies!!!! now we can do more than just make flash cartoons but a bunch of lazy ass kids making flash cartoons isint very productive but were having lots of fun our website will be up soon but were having dificulties :\ we have tshirts heres my individual logo and i also made a desktop background when i was bored http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/230508 /54100_my_background.jpg. weve also started on our first cartoon well yeah and stuff :\

by the way: the farfencrew right now is
mooch 31
and me

by the way i just had the most awsome idea! iron stick :D

i cant fix the litle things in the shoop da whoop srry


Posted by farfenwaffle - May 8th, 2008

its out go see it!i still wish i could post on the front page... some day someday

also i just found out that im good at making smilie faces whoever wants me to make you some for your site just ask! im also pretty good at html so i can make a website 4 u but i have no money so i cant make one to put on the internet

Posted by farfenwaffle - April 19th, 2008

hey guess what? the farfen-cow collab two is in the works!!!! whos exited!? -tumble weed comes by-... well atleast WERE exited so far it will be awsome and get atleast a 3 with how good we are now.. also this time there isint as much brite colors and happy music.... thats all im telling you

farfen-cow collab 2 !!!

Posted by farfenwaffle - April 6th, 2008

i realy think its amazing the tssc and tsbc came out on the same day AND got about the same score!

just a thought oh and the stick showdown collab 3 will be awsome you can count on it

Posted by farfenwaffle - April 5th, 2008

and im on the list iv dreamt about being on 4ever.... im counted as a popular artist by pbot :D i know i dont have a daily but its just so close to one the i feel awsome but... i still cant post on the front page

one day..... one day

today is april 5th 2008...

Posted by farfenwaffle - March 17th, 2008

i feel like SUCH an idiot... i have goten so far with asperity but i just lerned how to tween with madness charecters so now i have to start al over with madness asperity...thats what happens when i move to a new skill sorry for the delay