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farfenwaffle's News

Posted by farfenwaffle - February 18th, 2008

i know i havent been submitting to newgrounds latley. its because i dont want to do a full project madness asperity is being postponed until im back into making full animations. i just want to practice and make a full bodie or 2 then expirement a little more. after this phase has gone by im going to have another unfinished colection im also working on preloaders for anyone who wants one you can pm me and give specifics or a basic idea and ill whip a prototype up for you. i also want to get into game making but i need some guidence and help and maby a chalenge or two. i also dont have the motives to stay on track and animate a full cartoon. i managed with mummy madness but thats about as long as it gets for me. i ALSO dont have internet on my computer with flash so i have to run a flash drive between each computer as i upload files and download files. i also cant finish a whole cartoon because my flash cs3 keeps on crashing in the middle of working on a cartoon so i get pissed at it and wont animate all day.

it feels good to let these things out :)

Posted by farfenwaffle - February 3rd, 2008

i made some preloaders for fun and i decided to share these great preloaders. the only thing i want from you is credit. the top one is a tutorial so you can change the colors. you can download it here(file front) orHERE(direct) please tell me if it uploads properly ;)

Posted by farfenwaffle - January 21st, 2008

Omg!!!! This project is going so well i just cant take it i just passed 2000 frames and are going to put more! Just you wait! Its going to be AWSOME!!!! Im so exited!!!

I capitalized it all yay

madness asperity!

Posted by farfenwaffle - January 14th, 2008

hey ng i FINALY have a big project im determined to finish! its called madness asperity. its about a duo of retiered 1337 agents on a mission to kill nuck choris and all the 1337 crew and its coming along very well at this time i need a music person to help me with the music a little with that i have a bio for you and a picture

madness asperity