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farfenwaffle's News

Posted by farfenwaffle - December 14th, 2008

:edit: what the hell XD where are you people coming from!

hey guys! i got an idea!!!

Posted by farfenwaffle - November 26th, 2008

well, after stuff-simple as that- came out i have no projects :(

i realy want some ideas for something to do D: stuff2 is probably never going to come out but i can make it if you can me too but its only 500 frames right now

other than that there is nothing else to do :( i dont want to join a collab or anything , i dont want to make a tribute animation, i wanna make a game but i fail at coding :(



Posted by farfenwaffle - November 14th, 2008

omg! im finaly back!woot!
for any of you who were wondering why i was grounded it was because i had gotent bad grades :( it was decided internet was the problem so i lost it. school and animating are my priorities now.im not sure if you will be seeing me around on newgrounds as often. i will still check my stuff atleast once a day but im not going to be constantly browsing. if you have msn messenger add me. farfenwafle@hotmail.com DONT send emails to this adress send other stuff to my gmail(farfenwafle@gmail.com) hell i will even chat on gmail if you catch me at the right time ;) so if you wanna talk. take it to my email;) happy lives


Posted by farfenwaffle - October 28th, 2008

hey guys. my parents are cutting off my interwebz because i was a bad boy :( so dont be suprised when im not as active anymore

Posted by farfenwaffle - October 25th, 2008

okay guys heres the deal. THERES NOTHING TO ANIMATE. being me its good to relax but im bored :( i cant jsut start on any project. hell even if i listen to music for HOURS i never have anything pop up into my head :'( so now im asking you fine fans & friends. give me something to do D:
btw lol i made bookmarks :P

WHEN I MAKE A RANDOM CRAFT YOU KNOW IM BORED >:( now go my minions! entertain me!!!

Posted by farfenwaffle - October 20th, 2008

go watch! and vote and submit it to experimental collection!

HOLY SHIT! IT GOT DAILY 7TH!!! this is AWESOme ^_^

stuff -simple as that- is OUT!!!!

Posted by farfenwaffle - October 15th, 2008

holy shit. i jsut finished stuff! my newestcartoon is finaly finished! this is my first big project in a while...im looking at it now and im thinking to myself "i made this?" i think its beautiful ^-^ expect it submitted across the web in a few days

in other new i got spore! its so awesome ^-^ add me as farfenwaffle/farfenwafle@gmail.com tell me your spore name!

Posted by farfenwaffle - September 30th, 2008

woot! go watch and vote & review! duck yessssss ^_^

Posted by farfenwaffle - September 13th, 2008

its meh! im glad to tell you that me and alex-the-cow (my co-animator and writer) are actually getting into a 70% chance that we will finish our madness day tribute by sep22 but that might not be enough.

again, as you know i quit madness. but its a fucking holiday :3 why shouldent i participate! madness asperity was abandoned a long long time ago :3 but we might jsut call this madness day submission madness asperity OR we were going to call it daft madness but maby we will think of something even more stupid for the name :P

right now the protagonist is a secret >:3 im going to let you guys die over suspence over who it is
b)Christian bale
e)none of the above


our madness day submission

Posted by farfenwaffle - August 27th, 2008

hi :D guess what?! the stick showdown collab 3 is almost finished!!!! yeah! you get no previews thos until later >:U but how about i ask you one thing if you can find a good song that would fit with the stick showdown collab 3 you can get credited somwhere ;) there MIGHT9i repeat MIGHT) even be a prize :3
if you want to hear what music we usually used just click one of these two links and youll be on your way to help out farfenwaffle



btw i may have quit madness but i am going to TRY to make a submission for madness day its going to be as generic as possible ;)

stick showdown collab 3 :3